Dragon Ball Super episode 65 English Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 English Subbed : “Title”


  • Nooj

    what the hell Vegito Badaaasss God mode <3 love love love

    • Davian “demonicfrieza” Thomas


  • AsurasPath22

    Finally, it is getting beast. Definitely the best arc of Super.

  • Delaverga Uni

    Anyone else think Zamasu looks like light ifrit from summoners war? Lol


      Not even close lol

      • Delaverga Uni

        It was a joke. There’s no light ifrit and they do have similar halo. But whatever floats your boat internet guy.

  • carlo

    that vegito is really Awesome I Can’t Wait about it. but what the hell is that body of zamasu

  • Super_Saiyan_Pan

    What the fuck!! Why did the user removed the video?