Dragon Ball Super episode 52 Subbed

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  • Future Mai is alive

  • Deads

    So Future Trunks means Gohan and thinks: Crap so with Goku Gohan turns into a weakling?

    • But wasn’t Trunk’s future apparently a parallel universe? He said something about it back in the Cell saga.

      • Deads

        Yeah but the big change in Future Trunks world (Goku, Vegeta etc dying) happened when Future Trunks was a baby.
        So he didnt know a single Z fighter except for Gohan and the Gohan he knew and was trained by was a completely diffrent person then the Gohan in the normal timeline.
        Cause the Gohan he knew lost his father at a young age, wasnt a scholar but a fighter.

        Now hes going to look up Gohan, last time he saw him (i think) was during the Cell Saga. Back then Gohan was a kid and a fighter. But now hes nothing like the adult Gohan that he knew in his future.

  • Evan

    when beerus sings a song tho XD